<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/14/75/05/68/58/170310094201.jpg?t=1547798844"><br>You have to see this home first! This is an amazing 1 story Ranch Home. Imagine when someone walks into your front door and tells you they wish they lived in a home half as nice as yours. Well this home will do it. The designer created a kitchen you normally only see in a million dollar home. She even took the design deep into the home with custom exquisite details in the bathrooms. You will love the way things have been done. It's not very often somebody gets excited when they use someones guest bath. The pictures do not even begin to show how nice this home is. You need to actually walk through the front door to experience the WOW factor I am trying to explain here. If you like an open floor plan that is great for entertaining or talking to guests while you are in your designer kitchen than this is the home for you. Call your agent now to see this home before it is gone! <br>